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November 2013

November 25, 2013

Could you be dealing with a desperate seller? Here are some signs:

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1) You see that the condo is vacant, and the front desk tells you they moved
over a year ago.

2) You Google the sellers, and You see that they own multiple properties,
and all of them are for sale.

3) You search the history (in the MLS) of that listing, and see the seller is on
their third listing agent.

4) You walk into the condo, it is vacant, the appliances are gone, and it looks
like the seller left in the middle of the night.

5) You read some unique language in the MLS listing about “seller makes no
warranties”, or “ corporate addendum must accompany…” usually means
corporate owned- aka REO.

These are all possible signs that the condo is ripe for an insulting offer.

Good Luck!

Mark Wade

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox and Roach Realtors
530 Walnut St. #260 Phila., PA 19106

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November 18, 2013

Considering a low rise or brownstone styled loft condo here in town?

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Brownstone styled condos are an option in Center City that I find are becoming more popular for many Philadelphia condo shoppers. Known for their low condo fees, and some really groovy features, low rise condos have shown to have good resale over time, and often show up in some of the strongest residential locations in Center City.

st james

The condo associations tend to almost always favor pets, rules can be a bit more lax than a high rise, and many units have either decks, parking, fireplaces, or say an abundance of original detailing. Here are some of my favorite low rise/ Brownstone condo buildings in town- Due to either curb appeal, unit layout, value retention, or just an overwhelmingly serene locale:

1) Roberts Quay: 1035 Spruce – 18 units, a huge variety of layouts, and probably the most handsome building in 19107. Sits on the NE corner of 11th and Spruce.

2) 2100 Delancey: Again, huge curb appeal, an array of unit sizes and wrought with original detail. Many units have fireplaces, ornate windows, and of course a great location.

3) 251 S. 24th St: A very rare loft styled new Center City condo building in Filter Square that few have heard of/know of/have seen. Garage parking, huge windows, and sits in a quiet pocket of Filter Square. High end contemporary finishes throughout each unit.

4) The Clinton: Now here is a stunning building. Sits on the corner of 11th and Clinton St- serene as they come. Some units have parking, and many units have south facing windows- many completely shielded by huge trees. Modest condo fees and attractive pricing. 1023 Clinton St.

5) St. James Court: Hidden between 5th/6th Street, Locust and Walnut sits this enclave of “uppers and lowers”. Rental parking next door at Indep. Place. Great space, quiet location, handsome exteriors, outside space for every unit, and two story living rooms. A great track record of resales / value retention over the past dozen years.

Mark Wade



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November 11, 2013

Real Estate Agent Cliques

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The Real Estate community here in Center City is not unlike High School. You have your Prom Queens, your Stoners, and your Jocks….not to mention the Wallflowers and the Loudmouths. All kinds of agents make our world go around…and that is great. Most agents are nice and cooperative but there are of course the real A-Holes that some agents try to avoid like the plague.

  And if you think the Center City Real Estate community doesn’t have its own clique- then you would be incorrect. Some Center City Condo listings get more traffic than others just due to their basic popularity. Being cooperative, flexible, playing by the rules, etc., all have their benefits. I have heard repeatedly that agents will avoid certain listings because they don’t want to work with this or that agent for the next two to three months of their lives. I get it. I am not saying I condone such behavior, but I do understand it. I too do not want to deal with someone who is not going to return my phone calls, has a reputation of being a pain to deal with, or maybe even known to be a hint evasive or is just someone who is known for not being able to help carry a deal to closing because they haven’t (say) been honest with their clients. Or just plain aloof.
    And being “In with the In crowd” gives me access to properties that less popular agents can’t arrange.  I am in the clique, you see 🙂   And I sell a lot of Philadelphia condos….so I may get a hint more wiggle room for weekend appointments, or last minute appointments. Or just get waltzed right past the doorman when I walk into a building.
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November 4, 2013

You Are Not Buying The Couch…You Are Buying The Condo- So don’t get so excited

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Listen, I get it. The visual appeal and the emotional punch that rides on the back of a gorgeous Center City condo can be overwhelmingly attractive. But many buyers are sometimes disheartened when they buy a condo, then go back for the final walk through on the day of settlement and the initial emotional attraction has left the condo along with the owners belongings.

I think it is important to keep a few things in mind:
1) You can easily add the emotion whallop back into the Philadelphia condo. Think a groovy paint color scheme and curtains. If you don’t have the vision to do this yourself, visit to
2) Think about having a new coat of polyurathane put down on your hardwood floors. Usually, this can be done for about $2-$3 per square foot. The presentation of your new floors will generally have a HALO effect over the entire unit. This should be done the day you settle, and at least 48 hours prior to you moving  belongings into the condo. Huge visual plus here…
3) A Super duper thorough cleaning can really bring a lifeless condo back to life. Including window cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and carpet cleaning. Stanley Steamer does tile cleaning as well as carpet, and the impact is huge. Like having new tile installed- at a fraction of the cost.
4) And if you are thinking of a few new furniture pieces but don’t have a huge bankroll to deck out the entire condo, try where they sell somewhat used model furniture that may have been used in a past life to stage a property- so kinda’ used, but not really.
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