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July 2024

January 16, 2017

Crap I know about Real Estate  in Center City-Insider Tips and Clues

Filed under: Center City Real Estate — Center City Philadelphia Real Estate Agent @ 2:25 pm
I am generalizing here but you’ll get my drift…
1) When a couple get into my car- the quiet one in the backseat is usually the one making the decisions. The one in the front seat just thinks he or she is doing so.
2) I like to look for listings that say “corporate addendum” attached. This usually means the condo is owned by a non-emotional third party who is generally more motivated to sell.
3) Some of the best deals are the condos that have been on the market for a long time with continual price drops. Might signal a fatigued seller.
4) When a buyer says to me “I have to see the condo today” or “I have to buy a condo by tomorrow” – usually these are non buyers and rarely ever turn out to be a real buyer.
5) If you think that getting a mortgage from a bank where you hold a savings or checking account is a bonus- it isn’t. Ever.
6) Wall art does not magically levitate on a wall. Yes there will be nail holes in the wall when you move in. It’s just logical to assume.
7) Within a specific building, condo fees are based on the square footage. But that same square footage in any other building will result in different condo fees.
8) Most sellers don’t need to be at settlement. Most buyers do.
9) You almost always have to pay 2 months into the condo pot when you buy. You don’t get that back when you sell.
10) The old real estate saying “buyers are liars” is usually not the case. More often they just don’t know their options in terms of what is available to buy.
11) I like to look for listings that are with specific agents in town- the ones who primarily work with foreclosures and Relo properties.
12) I put up with a lot of sh*t in my job. You being late for an appointment is not one of them 🙂
All is well that ends well. The middle part of the transaction may suck but the end result is the goal. In a month from now, you will forget what a pain in the ass this transaction has been for you. I promise.

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