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July 2024

February 14, 2017

An Explosion Of Bad Ideas

Looking to just put your condo on the market and NOT actually sell it?
Here are some great tips:
1) Put a tenant in your condo who actually doesn’t want to move and therefore never cleans, never confirms an appointment, or locks the deadbolt to prevent Realtors from showing your condo. His pile of dirty socks strewn about the living room floor is a real plus as well.
2) Don’t bother to clean. The new owner can do that- right?
3) Be home and give the tour yourself. That always goes over well with a buyer and his or her agent.
4) Don’t declutter and for heaven sake- don’t stage! Because you think buyers can look past that superficial stuff.
5) Make sure you get the “last word” in on every part of the negotiating process. Forego the old rule of “bird in the hand.”
    However there is one tool that you can use to overcome these obstacles- Price  your condo so low that a buyer just can’t resist.  All joking aside, there is a fine line between serving up bad ideas and giving your condo away. Listing your condo for sale is like negotiating any contract- there has to be some give and take on both sides. Much like any good marriage where you give 60% and take 40% and you call it a day. That is pretty much how the Real Estate world turns.

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