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April 29, 2013

I would watch these “home shows”…

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I like programs on TV about real estate. I think the shows are timely, relevant, and interesting. A nice combination of education and entertainment centered around a topic everyone likes to talk about- Real Estate buying and selling.


Here are some ideas I have for TV programs that I would like to watch, because as a Philadelphia REALTOR, I encounter a plethora of situations I believe are worthy of their own TV segments:

Buy a Home From Me… or Get out of My Car- A show where buyers who really are not interested in buying, but just want a guided tour to see some cool homes, are called on the carpet.

Lazy, Stupid REALTORS- A show featuring some of the lazy stupid things REALTORS do… Like advertising open houses, and then not bothering to show up for it.

Buyers- What Are You, Nuts? – A show where buyers grossly overpay for a home simply because they like the way the home shows and/or because of the cleanliness of the interior.

Sellers- What Are You, Nuts? – A show where sellers want to sell their homes for more than any other house in their ZIP code because they “KNOW” their home is the nicest in the entire area.

Yes, You Have to Pay Condo Fees – A show that captures the quizzical looks of buyers when they learn that the Center City condo front doorman doesn’t work for free. Or, that the elevators do run on electricity, which results in a common bill for ALL condo owners.

You Want to Buy WHAT?? – A show that features buyers who purchase the polar opposite of what they tell their REALTOR they’re looking for.

Any Closet is a Walk-In Closet if You Try Hard Enough – A show featuring the silly things that come out of REALTORS mouths when trying too hard to make a sale.

Fighting Spouses – She wants a Philadelphia condominium; he wants a Center City loft. The differences play out before the cameras! Or, she wants to buy, he doesn’t.

Parents Say the Darnest Things – So eager for their kids to move OUT of the house, parents find a positive side to the worst possible properties on the market!

Let me help you make sure your Center City real estate transaction doesn’t become the next hit reality show. Give me a call today at 215-521-1523 or drop me an email at

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