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July 2024

November 16, 2015

So you want to buy that piece of Sh*t??

Filed under: For Buyers,Of Interest to Buyers — Center City Philadelphia Real Estate Agent @ 3:21 pm

I reserve one right when I am working with a buyer…To tell a buyer when they are eyeballing a horrible piece of crap. Either in terms of value retention, the asking price, or the weakness of the condo association. Though one thing you will rarely hear me warn you against is interior condition IF the condo is priced accordingly. I may show very little concern if you don’t like the color of the walls or say the age of the appliances. Those are easily changed.

So if we are working together and you see me do cartwheel over the ugliest condo you have seen to date- there is a reason for those acrobatics. And it all gets back to value.

Mick Jagger once said “It is OK to let yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back”. And that adage would be true in terms of condos- If you are buying a very very strong VALUE at say some mid-rise condo in town- then I will probably turn a deaf ear about your disdain for the color of the carpet in the guest bedroom, or the fact that the condo shows like crap.  Yes, I will be on your side in the deal…but at the same time, If I spot a really really strong value, or a grossly underpriced condos- give me some space because I am about ready to do some cartwheels in the living room. Cosmetics are easy to change and can increase value in a heartbeat. So let yourself go a bit if values are strong and look past that ugly green worn out shag carpeting in the bedrooms. You can thank me later when you go to sell….

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