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August 10, 2011

Big Misconceptions when buying a Center City Phila Condo

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Biggest Misconception – Buying a Condo in Center City

1) You are going to find a condo where you don’t have to pay condo fees!
Of course you are, dear. Perhaps the common elevator runs on magic pixie
dust, the doormen are happy to work for free, and the swimming pool needs
no maintenance or upkeep. Aka- Rub a Lamp….all condos have condo fees.
2) You are going to move into Center City and walk everywhere.
I love it when buyers tell me this.  Like the giant soaking tubs in many 1980 styled bathrooms       this notion will wear out quicker than you might believe. You will walk at first- then you will drive or take a cab everywhere after year 1 of moving into town
3) You need a 3 bedroom condo so that you can have a spare bedroom. Very often- not
the case. Friends or relatives will stay at a hotel that is two blocks away.
4) Since you have a gym within my building, you are going to work out more.
Good One. And good luck with that- let me know how it works out for you.
5) You need a large kitchen, because you like to cook. Ever wonder why there are
so many restaurants in Center City? You will probably find yourself eating out a LOT
more, and cooking a lot less.

Certainly these rules don’t apply to all, but do apply to most of those looking to make a
move into the Center City condo lifestyle.

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