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January 29, 2013

Guest Post: Tips That Will Help You Get The Most Of Your Condo Rental

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Follow these tips to make your Philadelphia condo truly feel – and look – like home.

1. Chances are, your condo isn’t as huge and spacious as you would like. Luckily, you can easily make your space look and feel larger than it is by keeping clutter away, creatively organizing and strategically placing mirrors around the apartment.

2. Sometimes, life just gets in the way of a lease. Don’t be scared into staying in an condo you no longer want because of the apparent lease penalty. You can smartly break your lease without spending all of your savings. Know your rights and don’t hesitate to negotiate with your landlord.

3. There’s no such thing as the perfect landlord and some are downright awful. That doesn’t mean you should have to deal with a leaky faucet or pest problem by yourself. Try a few different communication techniques until you find one that gets you the response you need.

4. Few condo dwellers are lucky enough to have a washer and dryer in their home. Minimize trips to the laundromat by using a bath sheet instead of a bath towel. This is especially helpful if you often use two towels after a shower – one for your body and one for your hair.

5. Living alone is great, but it’s not the safest option. Amp up your at-home security by keeping it under wraps that you live solo. You don’t have to lie, but don’t advertise that you don’t have a roommate or live-in boyfriend.

6. If July and August is brutal where you live, you’re probably used to holing up inside with the air conditioning on full blast for eight weeks during the summer. This is a huge expense, though. Cut electricity and costs by using the AC’s other settings, like the fan and the timer.

7. Think you smell a rat? Deal with it! Pushing the problem off until you can’t mentally handle the rodent isn’t going to get rid of it and the problem will only get worse.

8. When you can, fix your own run-of-the-mill apartment problems. If you really want your landlord to be there when you need him, don’t bug him if a light bulb blows or the toilet clogs.

9. When you have the heat on, set your ceiling fans so they turn clockwise, which will help warm the house and cut your heating costs.

10. If things go truly wrong between you and your landlord, you can turn to online dispute resolution.

Annabelle Smyth

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