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October 2011

October 24, 2011

Philadelphia Condo Sales – Crappy Sales Pitches And Outright Lies

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Snarky, yes- But I truly am not a bitter Philadelphia Real Estate agent. Most would agree that I am kinda’ happy go lucky. Except when another agent pees on my leg and tries to tell me it is raining outside. Then I get kinda’ angry. I am not a fan of someone lying, or trying to twist the truth to my clients. And I have listened to my share of crappy real estate sale pitches over the past 23 years, but here are some of the more memorable:

1) “The cabinetry is A Wenge Dutch Maple laminate with a caramelized soapstone countertop”
To Which I respond: PUKE. Could you be more pretentious? Nobody gives a crap for all your
namedropping. The kitchen is small, not real attractive (some would say ugly)…no matter how much fabulousness you try to heap on it.

2) “We are 60% sold”
To which I respond …perhaps you have trouble telling the truth- I know you are lying, and you should know that I am going to tell my customers. I am not on “your” side. I work for my clients.

3) “The Developer said we will not negotiate on the prices”
Tell me if that is the case in 6 months when your bank is putting pressure on you to hold an auction. Actually, in some rare cases, this is true. More often than not, it is BS. I recently got
this song and dance from a high rise in 19103. The one that isn’t selling.

4) “I have a buyer for your condo!!”
I hate it when Realtors send these fake postcards to potential  sellers….trying to induce them to sell/list with whoever is sending the mailer. More often than not, this just a sales pitch.

5) “This condo includes parking”
No it doesn’t. You have induced your seller to buy one year of rental parking down the street, but you want to advertise that your condo has parking- hoping it will draw more attention. That is like lying to your therapist, or saying on eharmony that you are 29 when you are 48.
Do you think the world is full of idiots?- I mean, what is the point of lying here?

Looking for the straight scoop? Let me by your agent and I will sing like a canary! 🙂

Mark Wade
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox and Roach Realtors

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October 21, 2011

Mark Wade’s Snarky Yet Honest Insight into the Center City Condo Market

Click Preview to View Online -Enjoy!

Mark Wade
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox and Roach Realtors
530 Walnut St. #260 Philadelphia, PA 19103

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October 10, 2011

Center City Philadelphia Gated Condominium Communities

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There are really only three Philadelphia condominium buildings that I believe qualify as being gated:

WaterFront Square at 901 N. Penn St: I live here and I love it. I have lived in town for 24 years, and I know every condo building like the back of my hand. I choose the building because it sits on 13 manicured acres with tons of parking, pool, deck onto the river, etc. And being gated (and a doorman building), it takes the security equation right out of the picture- in my mind. If I forget to lock my condo door- WHO GIVES A CRAP?!  I live in a gated community with a doorman to boot.



Naval Square: Gated and sits on something like 20+ acres…gorgeous setting. And again, takes the security equation right out of the picture. Ample parking, pool, and lots of space for the dog, the kids, even bike riding. These are qualities that are generally lacking in a non-gated urban community. I love Naval Square, and think that the HUGE variety of styles and sizes are fantastic. And the tax abatement doesn’t hurt either. Many units are single level/one story styled condos.



The National in Old City: Gated, yes. Doorman- no. Acts like a doorman building, but actually there is no attendant on duty. This is a Semi-Gated Community where a fair number of properties are indeed off-street, and you have to pass through a gate to gain access. I have sold a fair number of units here, and my buyers do appreciate the sense of security. I love the location in Old City, the garage parking, and remaining life of the original tax abatement. High floors have some really cool water views as well.

If you are considering looking at some condos in downtown (Center City) Philadelphia, and would like to check out some gated communities, Give me a call or email. No pressure.

Mark Wade
267.237.3404 (Cell)

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