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September 2007

September 20, 2007

Because Your Offer Sucked, That’s Why…

Filed under: Real Estate: Condominiums — Center City Philadelphia Real Estate Agent @ 8:25 pm

So you made an offer on your dream Philadelphia condo or loft, and you didn’t get it because there was another offer. Well Boo-Frickin’-Who…..

Perhaps your Philadelphia REALTOR® isn’t the sharpest tack in the box. Or perhaps you didn’t listen to him or her when pursuing your real estate dreams by doing three simple things that he or she (should have) suggested to you:

  1. Get a pre-approval from the listing agent’s mortgage person. This tactic is a no-brainer. Why not call the listing agent, ask who they use for a mortgage, call that solicitor, and get an approval from them. Any Philadelphia real estate agent who brings me such an approval makes my job so much easier. It makes the question of “Is this buyer qualified” disappear. I trust my mortgage guy.
  2. Knowing that you are in a competitive bid situation, did you offer the seller the opportunity to settle within a range of dates, instead of a specific date? Often, the seller has special circumstances for moving that buyers and their agents are not aware of….therefore, offering to settle within a range of dates might just suit the seller to a “T”….
  3. Did you include in your offer a nice handwritten note about how much you truly love the Center City condominium or loft space that your are bidding on? I know of very few sellers who hate their home….so why wouldn’t you want to lead the seller to believe that you love their home as much as they do? Clearly you do, or you wouldn’t be making an offer on it – right?!

There are many ways to make your offer more attractive to any given seller who has their (say) Rittenhouse Square condo for sale or their Old City loft on the market. Why not get creative with your Philadelphia REALTOR®, and make your offer the most attractive it can be? With some creative thinking, your offer can become more attractive without upping your price!

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Mark Wade
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