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June 2024

January 3, 2017

BPS- Big Purchase Syndrome

When normal everyday people board 
the crazy train…
    Listen- I get it. Buying a condo can easily cause BPS (big purchase syndrome). Normal everyday people can go a little nuts over small bumps in the road or small wrinkles that inevitably come down the pike when buying a home. And catching BPS crosses all lines- whether you are buying a small little one bedroom condo or a large penthouse. Happens to many buyers of all ages and sizes regardless of the price range or experience of the buyer.
   I don’t judge people when they board the crazy train in a real estate transaction. Sh*t happens and BPS is more common than one might think. And it happens to me every time I buy or sell a condo. It just does.
So don’t feel bad if you call me out on some silly detail or freak out over a little bump in the road. I understand that buying a condo has much more to do with emotions and feelings than actually owning a condo in Center City.
Almost all of my favorite buyers go bat-sh*t crazy at least once during a deal. It is part and parcel. The true crazies here are the folks who can and do take everything in stride 🙂

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