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July 24, 2011

Philly Condos & Restrictive Pet Policies

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Philly Condos- Not All Allow Pets


No Dogs or Cats:    2401 Pennsylvania Ave (The Philadelphian)

No Dogs, but yes to cats:
The Dorchester                    The Wanamaker House
Society Hill Towers                    Rivers Edge (2301 Cherry)
Hopkinson House                    Academy House

In today’s competitive condo sales market, there is one rule that stands above all others that may determine whether or not your condo is going to be looked at by potential buyers- Your Condominiums rule with regards to pets. Rules vary from building to building and some are very open, and some buildings are very restrictive.
Most buildings in town will have some kind of restrictions as to pet ownership- specifically dogs.
Restrictions in terms of dog size, breed, or the number of dogs per owner. All makes sense to me. But NOT to allow dogs is one sure way of restricting resales in the building.
Susie the buyer is NOT going to give up her cherished Poodle in order to live in your building, should you be on the above list.  In my opinion, those rules are SO OUTDATED….
Why not put limits on size and breed? Or allow ONLY owners and not renters to have pets?
Mark Wade

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