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June 2024

January 13, 2009

Buying a Rittenhouse Square Condo?

Filed under: Center City Real Estate,General Real Estate,Of Interest to Buyers,Real Estate: Condominiums — Center City Philadelphia Real Estate Agent @ 4:44 pm

One thing buyers should be aware of when considering purchasing a Rittenhouse Square condo is whether or not they want to pay to actually live ON Rittenhouse Square. There is a huge difference between living on the Square, or living in the “Rittenhouse Square area”. 

It should surprise no one that realtors can sometimes stretch the boundaries of specific neighborhood by adding suffixes such as:   – area, -vicinity, and –adjacent.  And realtors aren’t the only ones guilty of such name dropping. Heck, for years here in town “Society Hill Furniture” was just off of Broad and Bainbridge Streets. Go figure. And there are even striking price differences between having a “Square View” and not being able to see Rittenhouse Square from your windows (for those high rises directly on the square).

So there are many interpretations of what constitutes a Rittenhouse Square Condo. It is my opinion that Center City “changes” block by block, with respect to housing/condo values, and what is most important is that you are buying or selling for what is appropriate for your little corner of “Rittenhouse Square”.

I am here to help you navigate the world of Philadelphia Real Estate. I can be reached at 267.237.3404 or at  Thank you!

Mark Wade
Prudential Fox and Roach REALTORS®
530 Walnut St., Suite 260 Philadelphia, PA 19106

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July 24, 2008

Making Center City Philadelphia More Livable by Improving Traffic Flow

Filed under: General Real Estate — Center City Philadelphia Real Estate Agent @ 4:00 pm

As a Philadelphia realtor for the past twenty years, my livelihood depends on my ability to navigate the streets, and be the ambassador of good will to those looking to move to our fair city. Not easy to do when I am cussing up a storm at “this idiot” or “that dumbass” who seems to believe that there are no parking rules, or etiquette in terms of driving in our fair town.  If I were in charge of this city, here is what I would do on my first HOUR on the job, in order to improve the quality of life for those of us who live here in beautiful Center City Philadelphia:

1) Corner of 5th and Market. Try turning left onto 5th from Market…Good Luck-traffic is backed up to 8th street on a busy day during rush hour. And restrict ALL parking within a block of that intersection at ALL times.

2) Restrict the double parking on Market Street between 3rd and 4th. Morons.

3) Cut the red light duration (length of time) on N. 19th St. at Vine. Possible good time to check your voicemail at work though. And return all the calls.

4) Provide MORE loading zones around town. Enforce time limits more effectively.

5) Time lighting sequence of red/green lights all the way along Callowhill. Though still the fastest way to get from the east to the west side of town currently.

6) Ticket the tour buses who feel that it is OK to idle for hours in any given street – turning a two lane street into a clogged, one lane pile of waiting cars.

7) Either tow ALL the cars after 3:30 on Walnut from 4th-23rd, or take the signs down – It is pointless if cars are allowed to idle in that lane. Or at least have a traffic cop shoo folks away.

8) Actually enforce the “NO parking” in the median of Broad St. here in Center City.

9) Turn Bainbridge traffic in the opposite direction, and have it head west, not east.

Feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email at and let me know if there are any other traffic nightmares around here I might have missed or just let me know what you think of the ideas that I have mentioned above….or if you think we are all better off just walking around in this City of ours which has been ranked 5th in Walkability nationwide!!  

Mark Wade
Prudential Fox and Roach REALTORS®
530 Walnut St., Suite 260 Philadelphia, PA 19106

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June 26, 2008

Philadelphia Condominiums- Open House Etiquette

Filed under: General Real Estate — Center City Philadelphia Real Estate Agent @ 3:09 pm

Though I sometimes sit at my Sunday open houses here in Philadelphia, I do so sometimes with a slight effect from being out with my friends from the previous (Saturday) night. I am tired, and sometimes sit in a chair for the entire duration of any given Open House. Thank goodness our Center City Sunday Open House shift only last an hour. I think I might go nuts otherwise.

But there are a few things that brighten my morning, like showing up five minutes early to my (say) Rittenhouse Square condo Open House, and see potential buyers waiting for me. Or be blessed with sellers who have turned on every light, adjusted the thermostat appropriately, and even perhaps lit a candle in order to bring some life into the condo. Nothing kills the “likeability” of your Old City condo like 98 degree heat inside the unit I am about to introduce to perspective buyers. And kitty puke on the kitchen floor…eh, no. Ditto for doggie doo piles on the patio. And for heaven sake…make the bed. Clean the bathtub, and pick your crap up off the floor of the walk-in closet. NO POTENTIAL BUYER GROWS UP WANTING TO INHERIT YOUR LIFESTYLE, should your lifestyle be easily equated to that of say a 19 year old fraternity dude. Dude.

And buyers, this blog entry is aimed at you too. Keep your dog at home, and don’t show up ten minutes AFTER my open house has ended, expecting a 25 minute tour. (Please, that is 🙂 ). And if you are just browsing, and saw the sign out front, give me some time with the “real” buyers who may have come specifically for this home. Your presence is welcome. Your monopolization of my time…perhaps not so much.

So my conclusion is that sellers and buyers need to put on a good show to be taken seriously. And buying a condo in Philadelphia is a serious consideration, and a thought for which one should prepare. Put your best foot forward, and happy buying and selling!

Mark Wade
Prudential Fox and Roach REALTORS®
530 Walnut St., Suite 260 Philadelphia, PA 19106

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